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Please place your order using the ordering page for wire and other pages for other products.  I can take orders over the phone only if you are having a problem with ordering.  The first address must be for your credit card.  If you need a different shipping address, you have that option after you enter the credit card information.


Please use email for all business related issues when possible.

Phone: 509-949-2466  Please use email for checking orders (see below)

I answer the phone when possible but I often have to return calls at a later time, usually in the afternoon Pacific time so if you are on the East Coast, it might end up being the next day in the morning.  I check emails several times a day, so email is usually your best choice for communication.  If calling about a technical issue, please check the other pages to see if you question is answered first.  I also have provided a calculator for determining wire sizes and power supply requirements when using nichrome wire in air.  If you are wrapping the wire around something or sandwiching it, you will have to experiment, there is no way to calculate temperature.


Due to telephone solicitors, if your phone number is blocked from caller ID, you will have to leave a voice mail message with the subject of your inquiry and I will call you back. 



If you think your order is late or lost, you can ask by email and we can tell you when the order was shipped, how the order was shipped, the address shipped to, what was shipped, and what the carrier's estimated transit time is if they supply that.  We have no control over the Post Office or other carriers nor how long they take to deliver.  Unless you paid extra for a shipping method that includes a tracking number, we cannot tell you any more than that.  If you paid extra for a tracking number, you will be notified by email of the tracking number on the day (or day after) it is shipped and you can track your order yourself online through the carrier's Web site. 

We ship everything through the post office unless special arrangements are made and extra shipping charges are paid.  It is extremely rare that the post office loses a piece of mail but if you want a guarantee, send an email and arrange to add  a tracking number and insurance to your order.  Their additional costs will apply.


Toll free fax:  877-793-9674













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