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40 gauge
14 gauge,
10 feet
1 lb




Nichrome Wire Calculator

 Calculate wire size, length, voltage, and power required for your application.





Voltage Control

(Household Light Dimmer Switch)

For hot wire foam cutting power supplies
 and other applications


Caution: Dimmer switches are guaranteed in working order when shipped.  Damaged dimmers due to improper installation or short circuiting will not be replaced.


Comes with white knob, connection hardware and documentation. 

See the Transformer Info page for more information about transformers.

See the Wire/Transformer Selection page and wire calculator page for more information about how to choose the right wire and transformer for your application.

See the Power Supply Design Page for information on designing and building your own AC power supply for foam cutters.



Catalog# DSR12600

Lutron D-600R-WH
600 W Single-Pole Rotary On/Off Dimmer

This Dimmer switch can be used with any transformer listed for sale on this web site to control the voltage output and also turn off the power to the transformer.

This Dimmer turns off by rotating all the way counterclockwise.  Push On/Off styles are not appropriate because you cannot tell whether they are on or off since they are not controlling a light.

This controller is for 60Hz 110V (nominal) only so will not work in other countries using 220V or 50 Hz power.

dimensional Drawing

$3.00 for USPS first class mail package added for each Dimmer for USA orders.  Excess shipping for additional Dimmers in order will be refunded.  Contact or see shipping page for other shipping options.

CANADA orders, please add an additional $2.00 S&H on shipping page for first class shipping.

Price: $7.00

Save the extra shipping cost and order with a transformer on the transformer page.

Here is how you connect the dimmer switch to the transformer.  Connect it in series with one of the primary winding wires.







Nichrome Wire Calculator

 Calculate wire size, length, voltage, and power required for your application.


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