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Tubular Nylon
Shock Cord


for recovery harnesses

or other high strength applications

(Not approved for climbing)


100% Nylon
Military Surplus




9/16" wide, 1500 lb test

10 ft


Desc: Tubular Nylon, 9/16 in, 10 ft

Cat #: TNYLN916


1" wide, 4000 lb test

10 ft


Desc: Tubular Nylon, 1 in, 10 ft

Cat #: TNYLN100


Just enter the number of 10 ft lengths you want.  The cord will be shipped in single lengths uncut.  For example, if you want 30 feet, just enter 3 for quantity and you will get 30 continuous feet.


Shipping: 9/16":  $3.50 first 10 ft, $0.50 each additional 10 ft

      1":   $4.00 for first 10 ft, $1.50 for each additional 10 ft

or contact us at sales@jacobs-online for exact amount BEFORE ORDERING  (usually cheaper)

This is for continental USA, standard USPS only -- for other addresses, and/or other shipping options contact us at above address for amount and options before you order.















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